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Nontangible Heritage Tour in Three Cities

Beijing | Xi'an | Shanghai

Experience Nontangible Heritage Frist-hand

  • Make shadow puppet;

  • Perform Chinese Tea ceremony;

  • Learn to sing in Qin Qiang opera;

  • Watch eggshell carving performance in person and talk to the artist;

  • Practice Chinese Kung Fu;

  • Learn to perform Chinese acrobatic!


BLCU Micro Study Abroad

  • Experience the life of a study abroad student in 24 hours!

  • Take freshman Chinese classes and befriend students from BLCU;

  • Have language partner activities with students from BLCU;

  • Make dumplings under our instruction;

  • Visit the night market together for street food and snacks;

  • Visit the dorm of a renowned Chinese university. 


From Tradition to the Contemporary

  • Visit Beijing Hutong and get around in a rickshaw;

  • Bike the city of Xi'an to stroll around the ancient city;

  • Kayak on the Beihai Royal Park and see the indie music scene in Houhai;

  • Experience the cityscape of Shanghai on a boat;

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