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Volunteer at Our Partner Sites and Schools

See a list of experiences we have managed to host in the past. 

We welcome fresh ideas, and you can trust that we'll turn your volunteer concept into a reality!

Volunteer Activities 


Volunteer at Beijing Language and Culture University as a research assistant under the tutelage of the Chinese language department. Monitor and collect survey questionnaires to compile a data set that concludes to a thesis.  

Panda Ranger

Care and feed the giant pandas and help maintain the pandas' living environment by cleaning their enclosures. Assist with veterinary care by assisting with routine giant panda health check up. 

Native Vegetation Stewardship

Plant native species belonging to the Yunnan province. Observe, identify, and weed out the invasive species that disrupt the integrity of the local ecosystem. Report on how to improve the prosperity of the native vegetation. 

Biodiversity Research

Surveys the upstream of the Miyun Reservoir in Beijing and identity wildlife and the plant specimens of the Miyun Reservoir. Assess the water bodies and engage in the conservation efforts of the Miyun Reservoir. 

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