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About Phoenix Tree Education Center

Expert in Unique Language and Culture Excursions to China

Phoenix Tree International Education Center was founded in 2015 to provide schools in the North America with the best educational trip services. Phoenix International Education Center is dedicated to offering top-notch Chinese language education in addition to off-the-rail travel experiences tailored to students' interests and learning goals.  Phoenix Education provide its clients with all the travel services they need. Get in touch today and let Phoenix Education take care of the rest.

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Why Phoenix Tree

The Phoenix Education Differences...

  • Over 600 tour participants in the past 8 years;

  • Over 60 years of expertise of exceptional Chinese language education;

  • 24/7 customer support BEFORE, DURING & AFTER the trip;

  • 100% trip customization to destinations in China and Chinese diaspora (Singapore, Malaysia, and beyond)

  • A wide variety of volunteer and internship placements;

  • Transparent pricing.

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