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The Essence of Canal Towns

Shanghai | Hangzhou | Shaoxing | Suzhou | Nanjing


China's Tea Country

  • Experiencing tea-picking on a Chinese Tea terrace farm;

  • Learn to make Chinese dessert using tea and local sources;

  • Pick you own Chinese exotic fruits to quinch your palate (seasonal activity);

  • Enjoy the life as the internet sensation Youtuber Liziqi. 


The City Life in Chinese Style

  • Live as an influencer for one day at one of the MCN Incubation Center in Hangzhou;

  • Visit the Nan Song Yu Jie Street for snack to experience one of the most internet-famous night market;

  • Delve into the architectural gardens in the Water Town area in China;

  • Enjoy the organic and authentic new Chinese cooking and take up a cooking lesson once or two!

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